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Argentine Asado, Cooking Lesson & City Tour

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Categorias: Comida e Vinho - Foodies

$ 70 USD

Melhor Preço Garantido


Learn how to shop for, prepare, and eat a traditional asado (barbeque) as we journey through the city

Eat a fantastic asado guided by the very capable hands of a Master Parrillero (local grill master)

Hear and learn about local customs as we walk through the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires

Experience a typical Argentine family weekend barbeque


Localização: Buenos Aires


Opera: Monday - Friday

Saída: 10:30 AM

Duração: 4 hours

Número da excursão: 12287


Our Expert Guides will introduce you to a typical Argentine family weekend barbeque, a delicious asado that can only truly be cooked in Argentina. A semi-private group, with no more than10 people, will be guided through the butcher shop, bakery, and wine store, all the while walking the cobblestone streets of Palermo Viejo, just like a local family would do.

While we walk through the shops, you will see many iconic sites in the neighborhood and learn about their history. We will also take a look at the impressive street art from some renowned street artists, to get a taste of what it's like to shop and live in the area.

Once we finish shopping for all our ingredients, we will get to work preparing the barbeque together. This is a first hand experience learning how to prepare the meat, make the salad, and build the fire with charcoal and wood, all while getting a better understanding of the neighborhood (guests may want to jot down the different shops visited for some shopping later).

We will then serve some appetizers, fernandito (unofficial national drink), salads, a bottle of wine for every two people, and proveleta (provolone cheese). Next comes the main course of meat, a dessert, and to finish up, some mate - a very popular traditional drink from the River Plate Area - but we serve it with a special touch so be ready!

Come and join us for a unique experience discovering the local customs of an Argentina Asado - in a welcoming and fun family atmosphere.


Por Children: $ 70 USD

Por Adult: $ 140 USD

O que trazer

Weather-appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes


Expert Guide, full barbeque meal, water bottle, snacks, fernandito (unofficial national drink), salad, wine, cheese provoleto, beef tenderloin, dessert, homemade matte

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Hotel pick up in Buenos Aires or El Salvador #4662

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