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Discover Buenos Aires' Gastronomy by Bicycle with Accompanying Wine Tasting

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Categorias: Comida e Vinho - Foodies - Vinho e Vinícolas

$ 43 USD

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Enjoy an entertaining bike tour visiting the best local eateries in Buenos Aires

Delight in a tour that highlights the city's best and most traditional flavors

Explore Buenos Aires by bicycle for 5 hours

Visit a charming pizzeria from 1930

Learn about the city's history, culture, and local traditions

Enjoy tasting the country's finest Malbec wine


Localização: Buenos Aires


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 10:30 AM

Duração: 6 hours

Número da excursão: 12527


Our Expert Guides will take you on an amazing tour exploring Buenos Aires' best local food, by bicycle.

This tour highlights the best flavors of the city. We'll embark on a 5 hour ride to discover the best local food in the dazzling city of Buenos Aires, including a charming pizzeria from 1930.

You'll visit the city's best eateries, savoring dishes and learning traditions alongside gastronomy experts. During our journey, you'll uncover the history, culture, and traditions that distinguish Buenos Aires' unique cuisine. The tour ends with a wine tasting of the country's best Malbec, while being guided by an Expert Sommelier.

Connect with Buenos Aires through its powerful gastronomy, and discover why food is one of the Argentine people's greatest passions!


Por Adult: $ 43 USD

O que trazer

Comfortable clothing and shoes


Expert Guide, bike, helmet, water bottle, food, wine tasting

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Calle San José #525, Buenos Aires

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the original meeting point