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2-Day Pocho Volcano Hiking Journey

Córdoba, Argentina.

Categorias: Tours - Outdoor & Natureza

$ 63 USD

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Delve into the natural environment surrounding the Pocho Mountains and their 5 dormant volcanoes

Experience summiting Poca Volcano while getting in touch with nature and admiring impressive biodiversity

Explore the protected areas of Cerro del Cóndor Biosphere Reserve

Appreciate spectacular panoramic views from a 1,611 meter mountaintop


Localização: Córdoba


Opera: Saturday - Sunday (March, June, October)

Saída: 7:00 AM

Duração: 2 days

Número da excursão: 13184


Our Expert Guide will lead you on an adventure-filled excursion, hiking through the imposing Pocho Volcanoes in the northeast region of the Province of Córdoba.

Our journey begins at Cerro del Cóndor Biosphere Reserve, a natural space with low intervention and strict preservation areas, allowing you to authentically experience these impressive landscapes as they have always been - wild. The reserve also features a variety of productive areas which offer an agricultural development experience, using organic and sustainable principles, and respecting biodiversity.

As this is a 2-day adventure, we will spend the night at Cerro del Cóndor Biosphere Reserve which also has covered spaces for accommodation. You'll enjoy sleeping under the stars while surrounded by miles and miles of pure nature, with the only noises being those of the native wildlife and insects that inhabit the region.

From Cerro del Cóndor, we'll set out into the Sierra de Pocho volcanic complex which is home to five dormant volcanoes, made up predominantly of grey andesitic volcanic rocks. Our challenging, yet rewarding, hike will lead us to the top of Poca Volcano which stands at an impressive 1,611 meters above sea level. As we climb the natural wonder, you'll enjoy immersing yourself in the untouched territory, breathing fresh air, and getting in touch with nature. Upon reaching the summit, you'll be rewarded with awe-inspring panoramic views of the surrounding towering volcanoes, sprawling flatlands, and unforgettable landscapes.

Join us and connect with Cerro del Cóndor's protected lands, marveling at unique biodiversity, exploring the imposing Pocho Mountains, and appreciating unparallled views.

Note: Difficulty: Average. Trekking experience required. Accommodation in lodges or tents.


Por Adult: $ 70 USD

O que trazer

Backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad|Comfortable shoes or hiking boots, comfortable clothes (no jeans), windbreaker jacket (waterproof preferred), sunglasses, sunscreen, headlamp|Plate, cutlery, cup, personal toiletries, 2 trash bags|Optional: tent, stainless steel thermos (and mate), camera (with spare batteries), trekking poles, water, snacks


Expert Guide, private accommodation at the Cerro del Condor Biosphere Reserve, meals: snack and dinner (Saturday), breakfast and lunch (Sunday)|Liability and personal accident insurance for alternative tourism (Caruso Insurance)

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Duarte Quirós 400 (corner with Ayacucho) Plaza de la Intendencia, City of Córdoba

Local de regresso: Tour return to the original meeting point