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Discover Che's Childhood City of Alta Gracia

Córdoba, Argentina.

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$ 16 USD

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Explore the fascinating city of Alta Gracia

Visit the house where famous Spanish composer Manuel de Falla lived the final years of his life

Discover Che Guevara's childhood home turned museum

See the town's historical outdoor Railroad Museum


Localização: Córdoba


Opera: Tuesday - Sunday

Saída: 9:00 AM

Duração: 4 hours

Número da excursão: 12837


Our Expert Guide will take you to explore the fascinating city of Alta Gracia, where the Jesuits left their mark and Che Guevara enjoyed his childhood years.

We will begin our journey by heading about 35 kilometers south of Córdoba, where we will find the house of Manuel de Falla. Manuel de Falla is known for being a very famous Spanish composer. In fact, during the first half of the 20th century, he was one of the country's most important musicians. We will explore the house where he lived during his last four years, while learning all about the life and accomplishments of this well-known artist.

Next, we will visit the former home of another influential historical figure - Che Guevara. We will delve into the house where the revolutionary grew up, which is now a complete museum, full of captivating exhibits on Che's life and achievements.

During our excursion, we will also visit the province of Anisacate, the Jesuit Stay, Sierras Hotel, the Golf Club, and the outdoor Railroad Museum, which will all help you to get a more complete view of this enticing city.

Join us and uncover the wonders of the captivating and historical Alta Gracia!

Note: Museum entrances not included. Minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4. Please let us know how many are coming.


Por Adult: $ 16 USD

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