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Experience the Thrill of Bridge Jumping

Salta, Argentina.

Categorias: Activités - Aventuras Extremas

$ 11 USD

Melhor Preço Garantido


Experience the rush of bridge jumping and delight in a heart-pounding adventure

Enjoy free falling 40 meters before swinging like a pendulum above Cabra Corral's sparkling waters

Marvel at breathtaking views of the dam and its islands from above


Localização: Salta


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Duração: 20 minutes

Número da excursão: 13070


Our Expert Instructors will guide you as you step over the edge of Cabra Corral's 40 meter bridge and leap into the air, speeding towards the water before being caught by the ropes attached to you, on a unique twist on classic bungee jumping.

"Puenting" also known as bridge jumping is similar to bungee jumping, but allows you to swing like a pendulum from side to side instead of bouncing up and down. With puenting, two dynamic ropes are attached to the backside of a bridge and then strung underneath to hook onto the waist of your harness on the other side. You'll experience an adrenaline rush like never before, jumping from a height of approximately 40 meters and nearly grazing the water below as you swing back and forth taking in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings, full of dazzling waters and green islands. As you slow down, you'll be lowered onto a boat which will take you back to the coast.

Join us for an adrenaline-filled activity, taking a leap of faith and admiring beautiful landscapes.


Por Adult: $ 13 USD

O que trazer

Comfortable clothes


Expert Guide, puenting equipment

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Cabra Corral Dam Bridge (Provincial Route 47, km 10 approximately)

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the original meeting point

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