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2-Day Parque do Zizo Adventure

São Paulo, Brazil.

Categorias: Tours - Outdoor & Natureza

$ 232 USD

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Delve into the natural landscapes of Zizo Park as you traverse tree-lined trails and discover pristine waterfalls

Explore Ribeira Valley, the largest piece of the Atlantic Forest left in Brazil

Appreciate a variety of interesting native flora and fauna, including the possibility of spotting jaguars, Muriqui, and other endangered species

Enjoy escaping the chaos of the city, and truly disconnect in the great outdoors


Localização: São Paulo


Opera: Saturday - Sunday

Saída: 6:00 AM

Duração: 2 days

Número da excursão: 13223


Our Expert Guide will take you on an exciting 2-day trip to discover the impressive landscapes of Zizo Park, located in Brazil's Serra Region, and made up of perfectly preserved primary Atlantic Forest. Zizo Park is also home to Ribeira Valley, the largest continuous stretch of ​​Atlantic Forest left in all of Brazil, making it a privileged area to visit.

During our journey, we'll traverse stunning forested landscapes, following winding trails that will lead us through beautiful waterfalls, and ancient trees, and giving us the chance to spot fascinating endangered species. As we enjoy the silence of nature, we'll keep an eye out for some of the most spectacular inhabitants of Ribeira Valley, including jaguars, the Muriqui or Mono Carvoeiro, the largest primate in the Americas, and a variety of majestic birds facing the risk of extinction.

Finally, here in Zizo Park there is no electricity or cell phone service, allowing you to truly escape - this is without a doubt an off the beaten path adventure!

Join us and delve into the pristine natural landscapes of Zizo Park and find peace in one of Brazil's greatest green spaces.

Note: This excursion is not recommended during rainy periods.


Por Adult: $ 232 USD

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Money for personal expenses, snacks, additional drinks


Expert Guide, transportation, park entrance|Accommodation in private rooms, all meals, fruit

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