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Morado Glacier- Colina Hot Spring Tour

Cajón del Maipo, Chile.

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$ 221 USD

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Enjoy an impressive tour trekking by the Laguna del Morado and Termas de Colina

A perfect combination between trekking, hot springs and a traditional crafts fair

A must for all outdoor-lovers

Enjoy a day immersed in nature, just a few hours from Santiago


Localização: Cajón del Maipo


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 8:00 AM

Duração: 10 hours

Número da excursão: 10843


Our expert guides will lead the way on a tour immersed in Cajón del Maipo’s nature. We will walk by high mountains, lush forests and rivers in a wildly beautiful scenario.

This trek is perfect for outdoor-lovers and any adventurous person that enjoys fun, entertaining treks, as well as visiting historical sites.

Towards the end of the Cajón del Maipo, we’ll take off on a trek towards El Morado Glacier, a natural monument located at 3.100 masl. Here you’ll find yourself face to face with an incredible natural beauty. We’ll head over towards the Termas de Colina, a natural hot-water spring with temperatures reaching up to 70° C.

During this journey and, apart from admiring the nature, you’ll know a bit more about the history and importance of this magical place. We’ll end up in San José de Maipo town where you’ll learn all about traditions, customs and lifestyles of the locals, while visiting their crafts fair.

Join us in a tour by the history and natural beauty of a place where, despite it being close to Santiago, maintains a traditional feeling.


Por Adult: $ 221 USD

O que trazer

Hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, swimming suit


Bilingual guide, private transport, snacks, lunch, tickets to tourist attractions, spa entrance, towels

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Hotel pick up in Santiago

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the vicinity of your hotel in Santiago