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Terevaka Hiking Adventure

Isla de Pascua, Chile.

Categorias: Tours - Outdoor & Natureza

$ 184 USD

Melhor Preço Garantido


Enjoy breathtaking 360º views of Easter Island and the surrounding Pacific Ocean

Experience the island's virtually untouched nature

Discover the highest point on the island


Localização: Isla de Pascua


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 09:30 AM

Duração: 4 hours

Número da excursão: 12217


Our Expert Guide will take you on an exciting journey to the highest point on Easter Island to enjoy an unobstructed, breathtaking 360 degree view of the horizon. The hike begins at an elevation of 140 meters in Ahu Akivi, where you will partake in an enjoyable trek suitable for the entire family.

Terevaka, Easter Island's central volcano, marks the highest point on the island at 500 meters above sea level. This adventure highlights the island's stunning native beauty, with the sole purpose of enjoying nature, as there are not any archaeological sites to be visited during the tour.

At the top of Terevaka, you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the island and surrounding Pacific Ocean. As this is the highest point on the island, it is the only place where you can have this incredible experience!

Note: Medium difficulty


Por Adult: $ 184 USD

O que trazer

Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen|Rain coat|Water bottle, snacks


Expert Tour Guide|Transportation

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Hotel pick up in Easter Island

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the vicinity of your hotel in Easter Island

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