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Discover the Magical Rainbow Valley

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

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$ 61 USD

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Discover Rainbow Valley, whose name comes from its multi-colored ancient oxidized minerals

Explore this unique location, just 90 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama

Visit a beautiful valley, full of magic and culture

Discover the Hierbas Buenas sector, containing 4,000 year old hieroglyphs


Localização: San Pedro de Atacama


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 8:00 AM

Duração: 5 hours

Número da excursão: 10575


Our Expert Guides will lead you on an incredible journey to discover Atacama's Rainbow Valley.

As its name suggest, the multi-colored mountains, caused by the oxidation of its ancient minerals, have led people to call this majestic mountain "Arcoíris" (Rainbow). Located 90 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, we will find the home of one Chile's oldest mountain ranges, known as Domeyco. We will explore its beautiful valley full of magic and culture, near the "Hierbas Buenas" sector, where hieroglyphs dating back to more than 4,000 years ago have been found.

Join us as we journey through stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures, and magical locations on this one of a kind experience!


Por Adult: $ 61 USD

O que trazer

Athletic clothes, non-carbonated liquids, sunglasses, sunscreen


Expert Guide, tour

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Hotel pick up

Local de regresso: Tour returns to Toconao 492, San Pedro de Atacama