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Discover the Meaning of Each Shape in the Sky

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

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$ 34 USD

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Discover the Andean cosmovision in San Pedro de Atacama

Observe stars and planets with and without equipment

Learn about the night sky from experts

Enjoy a 20 minute coffee break

Marvel at the sky and its constellations in real time

Learn the similarities and differences between the Greek and Andean cosmovisions


Localização: San Pedro de Atacama


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: Se fija al momento de confirmar la actividad

Duração: 2 hours

Número da excursão: 10480


Our Expert Guide will take us on a journey to discover and understand the Andean cosmovision, while we learn how to read and interpret the sky as the "Likan Antay" or atacameños, the local native people, once did, but with the help of our telescope.

During this experience, we'll learn the name and meaning of each figure in the sky. We will also talk about The River and the importance it had for All Saint's Day. You'll be able to observe the constellations in real time, without the help of any equipment, as this privileged location has the clearest skies in the southern hemisphere!

Afterwards, we will take a coffee break to warm up, before continuing to explore the night sky while we compare the Andean worldview to that of the Greek.

Join us on a unique journey, that will forever change the way you look at the sky!


Por Adult: $ 34 USD

O que trazer

Warm comfortable clothing


Expert Bilingual Guide, transportation, coffee break

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Hotel pick up in Plaza de San Pedro de Atacama

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the vicinity of your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama