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Learn to Prepare Delicious Thai Cuisine

Santiago, Chile.

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$ 91 USD

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Learn to create delicious dishes blend the sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salty flavors

Venture into the world of Thai cuisine and prepare a variety of tasty meals

Improve your cooking skills while learning from Professional Chefs

Remake and adapt these dishes at home with your family and friends


Localização: Santiago


Opera: Monday - Saturday

Saída: 12:00 PM, 7:30 PM

Duração: 3 hours

Número da excursão: 11088


Our Professional Chef Instructors will lead you through a full Thai cuisine cooking class which mixes the five fundamental flavors: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salty. Thai cuisine has exported their flavors all over the world, fusing with different dishes and allowing us to travel across the globe in a single bite.

In this workshop we will learn to prepare delicious Mai Thais, jasmine rice, poh Pia Sod (Thai rolls), chicken satay, chicken Pad Thai, and red curry with pork cheek.

Join us for a journey through the flavors and aromas of some of the world's most delicious cuisine, and prepare yourself to recreate these exquisite dishes at home.

Note: 14 students per class.


Por Adult: $ 91 USD

O que trazer

Comfortable clothes and shoes


Professional Chef Instructors, lunch or dinner at the end of the course with drinks, sparkling wines, beers, and wines

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Av. Presidente Kennedy 7518, Vitacura

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