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Discover the Picturesque Villages of Marinilla & Guatapé

Medellín, Colombia.

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$ 26 USD

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Reach the top of one of the biggest rocks in the world, taking its massive staircase to the peak

Discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia

Visit New Peñol, a modern town full of fascinating history

Explore Guatapé, one of the most eye-catching towns in Colombia


Localização: Medellín


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 7:30 AM

Duração: 10 hours

Número da excursão: 12885


Our Expert Guide will lead you to discover the colorful village of Guatapé, and its majestic towering rock. This massive monolith reaches a height of 220 meters and is located in the east subregion of Antioquia, and area full of dazzling reservoirs and stunning scenery.

During the trip we will also visit the village of Marinilla, characterized by its traditional Neo-colonial style houses and for being one of the few towns in Colombia to be declared a "cultural interest".

We will then head to “New Peñol”, a very modern town, yet one which is full of history. About 30 minutes before we reach the town, we'll find the famous sky-high rock which is the third biggest stone in the world, and the first to use stairs to reach the top. This is truly a must-see destination!

Finally, we will reach Guatapé, a town which was named after Chief Guatapé, who along with various aboriginal groups, inhabited the area before the arrival of settlers. In his honor, the town was given his same name. Over time, the town has become a tourist destination, distinguishing itself from others with its captivating colorful houses.

There, we will visit Guatapé's most representative and important sights, including a boat ride through the reservoir which consists of more than 1,240 million cubic meters of water and generates 30% of the country's energy.

Join us in an attraction-filled excursion and visit some of the most beautiful villages in Colombia!


Por Adult: $ 26 USD

O que trazer

Sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, camera, water


Expert Guide, transportation, refreshment, lunch, medical assistance card

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Local da reunião: Parque Principal in El Poblado

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