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Explore Maras Moray, Salt Terraces & Inca Textiles in Chinchero

Cusco, Peru.

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$ 15 USD

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Travel through history and Inca culture in the town of Maras Moray, the salt mines, and the textile town of Chinchero

Discover the only archaeological site in the area, consisting of circular labyrinths

Explore the salt mines and pools used to extract salt naturally

Enjoy a delicious lunch and share chicha with locals


Localização: Cusco


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 8:30 AM

Duração: 8 hours

Número da excursão: 12582


Our Expert Guides will take you on an exciting 8 hour journey through Maras Moray, the salt mines, and the textile town of Chinchero.

In Maras you visit the only archaeological site in the area, consisting of an enigmatic circular labyrinth construction, similar to what would be a fingerprint. It is believed that its use, in earlier times, was a kind of agricultural laboratory, however, there are theories that assume a use more focused on astronomical interpretations.

The town of Maras is particularly striking, due to its famous "salt mines", which process, package, and distribute naturally obtained sea salt. The salt is treated in large ponds at a specific temperature using special techniques that make it ideal for harvesting. During the months of drought, the villagers fill the pools with water and let the water evaporate with the same natural climate - repeating this action as often as necessary to have a pure and natural solid salt concentration. Once about 10cm of salt accumulates, it is broken into pieces, packaged and shipped to markets all over the country.

After lunch (not included), we will visit the Inca Fabric Textiles Center, where you will meet a local family with whom you will share some chicha with in their home. You can learn more about the textile art sector, weaving and dyeing methods, and gain a better understanding of this culture that is as unique as its past.

Note: Lunch not included in the price.


Por Children: $ 15 USD

Por Student: $ 15 USD

Por Adult: $ 25 USD

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