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5-Day Majestic Jungle Experience

Iquitos, Peru.

Categories: Private Tours - Sailing & Cruises - Tours - Outdoor & Nature

$ 500 USD

Best Price Guaranteed


Journey deep into the amazonian forest as you take a small boat along winding rivers

Meet members of the Puerto Miguel community and learn about their traditions

Marvel at a variety of amazing jungle creatures including dolphins, caimans, tropical birds, and more

Venture on different night excursions to discover alluring nocturnal animals including anacondas

Enjoy some of the best bird-watching in the world and fish for piranhas

Learn about the jungle's invaluable medicinal plants while spotting them in the forest


Location: Iquitos

Language: English, Spanish

Operates: Monday - Sunday

Departs: 9:00 AM

Duration: 5 days

Tour Code: 13294


Our Expert Guide will take you on a thrilling journey deep into the Amazon Jungle. During this 5-day adventure, you'll get to experience what life is like for locals living in the jungle. You'll be able to observe amazing plants and animals, fish for piranhas, and search for caimans, all while learning all about this spectacular region from a local guide.

We'll begin our adventure traveling 100km in a private car to Nauta City, where we'll board a wooden boat and sail down the Maranon River. During our excursion you'll be able to see the joining of the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers, where the actual Amazon starts. We will then cross part of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve's buffer zone, where we will admire colorful birds and friendly river dolphins all around us.

It will take about two and half hours to get to our rustic lodge, located in the Yarapa River Basin. Once at our camp, we'll take some time to rest and relax in hammocks while we wait for our delicious lunch to be ready. That afternoon, we will visit the community of Puerto Miguel to learn about their culture and customs, while discovering what its like to live in the jungle. While in Puerto Miguel, we'll visit local homes which house sloths and learn how these mammals got to be domesticated in the village.

Before sunset, we will head to the entrance of the Yarapa River to swim in the refreshing waters, surrounded by pink and gray river dolphins as we contemplate a spectacular amazon sunset. Dinner will be served at the lodge's dining room, and after enjoying it, we'll get ready to go on our night-hike in the forest in search of frogs, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, insects, and other night creatures. During this outing, we will have the opportunity to see one of the most impressive trees in the area, which serves as a refuge for many animals.

On the second day, we'll wake up before sunrise, the ideal time to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and venture out on one of our most interesting excursions visiting Yarapa Community Reserve Island where we will be able to see at least four different monkey species. At mid-morning, we will venture deeper into the rainforest in search of insects, batrachians, and reptiles. On our walk, our knowledgeable guide will explain the importance of certain Amazon plants in the riverside village populations. We'll have the chance to see the rubber tree and learn about "rubber fever", which developed in the last century. Next, we'll spend some time winding down with a tasty lunch followed by napping in the hammocks at the lodge.

Later that afternoon, we'll visit the community of Libertad to visit its local farms, plantations, and learn about the Camu Camu. Here, our guide will explain about the flooding season and how it affects the villagers’ crops. In the evening we will go on one of the most exciting excursions of our 5-day journey: caiman spotting and hunting. It will take time and patience before we get to see a caiman, but with a little luck we'll even get to pick it up and take photos with it. We'll finish off the evening at the lodge enjoying a relaxing night in the Peruvian jungle.

Day three starts with breakfast in the lodge before delving deeper into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve on a long walk in search off Hoatzins, a beautiful prehistoric bird, and curious horned screamers. We'll then return to the lodge and pack up our camping gear before continuing on towards one of the lakes that is located just a couple hours up river. Here, we'll setup camp, start our bonfire, and set out on a night walk. On this hike we hope to find anacondas and other large jungle mammals. We'll spend the night truly enveloped in the jungle, listening to its legends told by our guide, with the only light being the stars and the only sounds those of nocturnal creatures.

On day four, we'll wake up early in the morning to go bird watching. You'll have the the opportunity to see up to 40 different bird species, all flying freely in their natural habitat. After breakfast, we'll begin our fishing activity. Our goal will be to catch some of the Amazon's infamous carnivorous piranhas, which we will later cook up for lunch. Afterwards, we'll venture deeper into the trees to learn all about the variety of medicinal plants, flowers, and vines that can be found here.

On our last day, we'll get up bright and early and set out to visit more of Puerto Miguel. Our guide will teach us about the community organization, its main socio-cultural aspects, and all about the riverside villages. We'll then enjoy our final meal in the jungle before packing up our belongings and starting our trip back to the city.

Join us for an adventure-filled 5-day excursion deep into Iquitos' Amazon Jungle, admiring incredible creatures, learning about and interacting with local cultures, and experiencing the magic of the forest.

Note: All of our programs are flexible and depend on weather conditions. Our arrival in the city of Iquitos will be around 6pm.


Per Adult: $ 500 USD

What To Bring

Personal hygiene supplies, light and neutral colored clothes, short and long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, hiking boots or shoes|Insect repellent, sunscreen


Expert Bilingual Guide, transportation, food, accommodation

Meeting Location

Meeting point: Hotel pick up in Iquitos

Return Details: Tour returns to the vicinity of your the hotel in Iquitos