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Four Rivers Jungle Immersion Experience

Iquitos, Peru.

Categorias: Museos y Cultura - Vela e Cruzeiros - Tours - Excursões para o Dia

$ 110 USD

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Discover the marvels of Peru's Amazon Jungle

Sail down four different rivers as you delve deeper into the jungle

Meet a native Bora tribe, learn about their traditions, and participate in ceremonial dances

Visit a wild animal refuge and observe sloths, macaws, anacondas, and more

Enjoy a delicious traditional lunch at a floating restaurant on the river


Localização: Iquitos


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 8:00 AM

Duração: 8 hours

Número da excursão: 13068


Our Expert Guide will lead you deep into the Peruvian jungle to meet native tribes, get an inside look at their day to day lives, and explore pristine Amazonian landscapes full of impressive plants and animals, while floating down four of the area's main rivers.

We will begin our journey in Belem Market where we'll stroll through the different stands and appreciate the variety of fruits, vegetables, animals, and other products commonly used by the population. We'll walk by Pasaje Paquito, also known as "the pharmacy of the jungle" due to the different types of remedies that can be found here, as well as aphrodisiac liquors such as the "STWTO" - Seven Times Without Taking it Out.

Next, we'll head to Belem's lower zone where most of the houses are built on rafts to prevent flooding. Here, we'll get a peak at some of the local activities, depending on the river's condition. Afterwards, a small wooden boat will be waiting to take us down the Itaya River until we reach the section that connects to the Amazon. Depending on the time of year, we may even be lucky enough to observe native pink dolphins swimming and playing in the river.

After navigating the strong and fearsome waters, we'll enter the Nanay River which will lead us towards one of its main tributaries, the Momon River. Here we'll have the privilege of visiting a Bora colony which lives on this section of the river. The Bora people will show us different types of traditional dances, presented in their native Bora language, and even invite us to participate in some of the activities. This is the perfect place to take impressive photos or purchase some locally-made handicrafts as souvenirs of your wonderful experience.

Another "must-see" destination we will visit is the "Serpentarium", a refuge where they take care of wild animals that have been confiscated by the police and other ecological entities committed to wildlife conservation. Sloths, macaws, rodents, and a giant anaconda are just a few of the animals we will be able to see, but not touch, here.

Next, we'll head to one of the nearby floating restaurants to enjoy a delicious traditional meal, before setting off to visit the "Pillpintuwasi" or Butterfly Farm. While at the butterfly farm, we'll learn about different butterfly species' metamorphosis process, from the eggs stage, to larvae, then caterpillars, and finally transforming into cocoons before becoming a beautiful, colorful butterfly.

Join us for a full cultural immersion, exploring crowded markets, discovering the floating neighborhood of Belem, and dancing with members of the local Bora tribe, all while floating down the Four Rivers, surrounded by spectacular flora and fauna.


Por Adult: $ 110 USD

O que trazer

Hiking boots, mosquito repellent


Expert Guide, transportation, lunch

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Belem Market, Iquitos, Perú

Local de regresso: Tour returns to the original meeting point

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