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Canyoneering Adventure & Course (Basic Level ACE-L1)

Los Angeles, United States.

Categories: Activities - Lessons & Classes - Extreme Adventures

$ 995 USD

Best Price Guaranteed


Expert Canyoneering Instructors teach you the art of canyoneering

Camp in beautiful surroundings as we enjoy the natural surroundings

Swim, hike, boulder hop, rock climb, and rappel!

3 Days of canyoneering adventure, learning, and fun times


Location: Los Angeles

Language: English

Operates: Monday - Sunday

Departs: 7:00 PM

Duration: 3 days

Tour Code: 14407


Our Expert Canyoneering Instructors will lead you on a canyoneering adventure that will include learning the art, the technique, partaking in all the various activities of canyoneering, and having a blast all along the way!

This canyoneering adventure will begin on the evening of Day 1 (7:00pm - 9:30pm) with an orientation, introduction, and presentation emphasizing the canyon rating system, gear, weather, canyon topography, safety considerations, and a rundown of the logistics for the rest of the course … and of course getting to know everybody!

The class will reconvene on Day 2 and Day 3 at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth (both days are 10 hours with our Expert Guides running from 7am - 5:00pm). Feel free to camp with us, do your own camping, or stay at a motel; completely your choice but camping with us is a ton of fun!

Note that the Day 1 orientation (7:00 PM - 9:30 PM) can be squeezed into Day 2 if necessary. We can accommodate this and adjust scheduling after your booking.

This Canyoneering Adventure (ACE-L1), is a beginner to intermediate course which teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a group (being a competent participant and the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices).

Canyoneering and Canyoning are terms used to describe an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, rock-climbing, sometimes packrafting and always rappelling - often over waterfalls. During your time with us, we will be partaking in all of these activities (you can choose to skip any if you want), and will have fun doing them!

Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport in the US, and has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade. This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely. Rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering and swift water training teach related skills for your ‘toolbox’, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized, and much of the gear and many of the techniques of Canyoneering are distinctly different from those of the other sports …and, that’s where we come in!

This course is designed to quickly get you (the beginner) up-to-speed on basics, to give both the rookie and intermediate canyoneer new tools for his/her toolbox, and will help intermediate canyoneers refine their current skill set!

The topics and skills covered along the way will include:
-Knots, Bends and Hitches
-Canyon Rating System
-Rules, Ethics, Style, Communication and Courtesy
-Specific Gear Choices, Requirements, Use and Care
-Belays, Lowering and Handlines
-Natural, Artificial, Transient & Human Anchors
-Static and Contingency Riggings
-Rope Deployment, Coiling, Bagging and Etiquette
-Rappelling Techniques & On-Rope Skills (Adding Friction Pre-rappel, Mid-rappel, Locking Off, etc.)
-Specialized Rappelling Techniques (Hard Starts, Soft Starts, Free-Hanging, Over-Hanging, etc.)
-Basic Climbing & Down Climbing Skills (Bridging, Stemming, Partner Assists, Partner Captures, etc.)
-Safety Checking and Basic Self-Rescue
-And, within each of these broad subjects are a myriad of skills and tools

Come join us on this canyoneering adventure, learn the art and skill of canyoneering or improve your skills, and have a lot of fun with our highly skilled instructors as we swim, jump, rock-climb, packraft, rappel, and more!

Important Information:
-We provide a place to camp, but no camping gear. You must bring your own camping gear if you choose to camp with us.
-The course fee is non-refundable, but may be put toward a future class during the same calendar year if 31 days notice is given. If 31 days notice is not given, there will be no refunds or changes to your itinerary.
-We reserve the right to change or cancel any itinerary at any time if there are not enough students registered or if in our opinion, conditions so require. If we must cancel a course, you may either join a future course or request a full refund. Inclement weather is not necessarily reason enough to cancel a course. If we believe we can teach a majority of the curriculum in less-than-ideal weather, we will! If there isn’t sufficient time given to practical exercises due to conditions, you may attend the relevant day of a future course, free of charge.


Per Adult: $ 995 USD

What To Bring

Appropriate canyoneering clothing and footwear |Required gear for this course is a harness and a helmet (we can loan these out if you don’t have them, and we will offer a 10% discount for any gear bought before/during/directly after the course), and we’ll also be loaning out carabiners, descenders, tethers, foot loops, prussiks, etc. |Feel free to borrow our gear for this course, until you determine what your needs will be in the future.


Expert Canyoneering Instructors |Camping Site |Canyoneering instruction and fun times!

Meeting Location

Meeting point: Los Angeles & Stoney Point Park (exact details provided after booking)

Return Details: