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Canyoneering Canyon Rescue Course (ACE-L4)

Los Angeles, United States.

Categories: Activities - Lessons & Classes - Extreme Adventures

$ 995 USD

Best Price Guaranteed


Expert Canyoneering Instructors improve your canyoneering rescue skill set

Camp in beautiful surroundings as we enjoy the natural surroundings

Learn the sills of knots, ropes, rescues, ascending techniques, and more

A 2 day canyoneering rescue course of learning, improving, and fun times


Location: Los Angeles

Language: English

Operates: Monday - Sunday

Departs: 7:00 AM

Duration: 2 days

Tour Code: 14443


Our Expert Canyoneering Instructors will lead you on our canyoneering canyons rescue class and course where you will learn, partake, experience all the facets of canyoneering canyon rescue, and have a blast along the way!

This Canyon Rescue Course (ACE-L4) teaches the skills necessary to perform immediate, in-canyon self-rescues, partner rescues, and how to assist with group emergencies … all with your groups’ normal rack-and-pack (the minimal gear you should carry on your harnesses and in your packs.)

Boost your confidence and fill your mental toolbox with skills to handle technical emergencies. This course not only teaches you the skills and methods necessary to execute a variety of rescue procedures, but it provides the impetus for critical thinking through an emergency. How would you help a canyoneer stuck on a rope? How would you help an unconscious canyoneer stuck on a rope? How quickly could you figure out how to convert a static block to a lowering system? Could you haul a rappeller back to the top of a drop by yourself? Have you ever been in a canyon, assessing a fictional problem and felt helpless? Are your responsibilities in a canyoneering event greater because you’re the leader/organizer? Would you like to be a more valuable team member? This course is vital for not only canyoneering leaders, but also for conscientious recreational canyoneers who value their own safety and the safety of their party. With the technical skills presented in this course, you could prevent the need for calling in an expensive Search And Rescue team, avoid putting rescuers at risk, avoid spending the night in a canyon, and continue a canyon descent with a non-critically injured teammate.

Skills covered include:
-Knots, Rope Grabs & Progress Capture Methods
-Anchors, Rigging & Friction Dynamics for Rescue
-Mechanical Advantage and Haul Systems
-Converting Static Rigging to Haul or Lower
-Assisted Rappel & Tandem Rappel Techniques
-Hero Rescue, Balancier Lift
-Rappelling on a Tensioned Rope
-Guide Ropes, Tag Lines, Belays
-Cut-and-Lower Procedures
-Special Ascending Techniques for Rescue
-Pick-Off Procedures Scenario
-Considerations for musculoskeletal injuries

Prerequisite: Participants should have some advanced formal canyoneering-specific training. This course builds on the skills taught in the Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1), the Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) AND the Canyon Essentials Course (ACE-L3). While we are not requiring the completion of each of those courses as a prerequisite, those who have had advanced formal canyoneering training will find it easier to ‘keep-up’ with this curriculum. If you’re not sure if this is the course for you, please give us a call and we can discuss your skills and training.

Come join us on this canyoneering canyon rescue course, improve your skills, learn the art and skill of canyoneering rescue, and have a lot of fun with our highly skilled instructors!

Important Information:
-We provide a place to camp, but no camping gear. You must bring your own camping gear if you choose to camp with us.
-The course fee is non-refundable, but may be put toward a future class during the same calendar year if 31 days notice is given. If 31 days notice is not given, there will be no refunds or changes to your itinerary.
-We reserve the right to change or cancel any itinerary at any time if there are not enough students registered or if in our opinion, conditions so require. If we must cancel a course, you may either join a future course or request a full refund. Inclement weather is not necessarily reason enough to cancel a course. If we believe we can teach a majority of the curriculum in less-than-ideal weather, we will! If there isn’t sufficient time given to practical exercises due to conditions, you may attend the relevant day of a future course, free of charge.


Per Adult: $ 995 USD

What To Bring

Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Figure 8 for Rigging, Gloves, 5-6 HMS Screwgate Carabiners, 48″ Sling or Foot Loop, Personal Safety Tether/Lanyard, Prusik Loop, Ascender(s), 20′ Cordelette or Canyon Cordelette


Expert Canyoneering Instructors |Camping Site |Canyoneering rescue instruction and fun times!

Meeting Location

Meeting point: Los Angeles Aria (exact details provided after booking)

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