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Conga Room VIP Table (Dance Floor)

Los Angeles, United States.

Categorias: Vida Nocturna - Vida Nocturna

$ 2500 USD

Mejor Precio Garantizado


VIP Table on the dance floor for 6-10 guests

Premium Bottle of your choice

Personal waiter or waitress serving your table all night


Locación: Los Angeles

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Tuesday - Sunday

Salida: 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Duración: 6-10 Guests

Código de Tour: 14600


The Conga Room provides up close and intimate access to the world's biggest stars from every genre of music!
Step into the world famous conga room for a chance to see world-class acts in the bustling heart of downtown Los Angeles!
Conga room is home to discoteca Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), conga room Saturdays, along with the holiday edition loteria Sundays and authentic salsa concerts; making conga room the biggest party destination in Los Angeles!

1 Ticket covers a table on the dance floor for 6-10 guests.


Por Adulto: $ 2500 USD

Que traer

Valid ID|Bring your friends and have a great time!


VIP Table on the dance floor for 6-10 guests|Premium Bottle|Personal Waiter/waitress for your table

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