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San Bernardino National Forest Big Bear Lake Motorcycle Tour

Los Angeles, United States.

Categories: Tours - Outdoor & Nature

$ 280 USD

Best Price Guaranteed


Expert Motorcycle Guides take you on an amazing ride up to Big Bear!

Discover the areas of Running Springs, San Bernardino, Big Bear, and more

Enjoy the relaxing roads, the winding roads, and the views of the Los Angeles basin


Location: Los Angeles

Language: English

Operates: Monday - Sunday

Departs: 10:00 AM

Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Tour Code: 14369


Our Expert Motorcycle Guides will take you on a fun ride leading to Big Bear Village! This is a place that lies in a very active and busy valley; with an exciting and awe-inspiring 7,000 feet elevation!

The city of Big Bear is a favorite destination for Angelinos who like the ice and snow of the winter, and the sunshine, lakes, and fishing of the summer!

The Tour heads out on the 330 North Freeway off of the 210 East East, which is a wonderfully steep, wide, and winding road. Along the ride, we will also discover The North Shore of Bear Bear Lake; a peaceful shoelace of a road, bordering the lake and winding through woods and cabins. This is an area that offers a splendid view of the lake and the impressive mass of snow covering the high peaks of the Sierra mountain range in the winter!

On the way down from Big Bear, the roads are even more astounding. We will be overlooking the immense Los Angeles basin, and will have picturesque views that you can only dream about! Get ready to see these stunning views for yourself, as we ride along at a smooth pace, wind at our back, and an adventurous spirit filling our sails!

Come join us on this Motorcycle Tour up to Big Bear, enjoy the roads, the views, and the ride!

Important Tour Notes:
-This tour does NOT include a motorcycle.
-Does not include gas and food - It is safe to say that a couple of full tanks will be used on those 1-day rides.
-Suggested start time is 10:00 AM, however, this can be altered based on your preference.
-Return time is not fixed as it may vary based on the pace, traffic, the number of stops including lunchtime and whatever may come in the way of the group including having a good time at a particular spot.
-The tour is available all year round except Christmas time. (24th, 25th, 26th, and 31st of December and the 1st of January).
-All cancellations are handled via email. Within 24 hrs after receiving your cancellation notice, you will be emailed your confirmation. Refund for the Guide Fees will be processed within 72 hrs.
-No cancellations are excepted after booking. No refunds will be issued.
-Force Majeure*:
--Only the operator may decide to cancel a ride in case of a major natural event (earthquake or major storm) that would prevent the operator to put together any safe itinerary within the 5 counties. If the operator decides to cancel a ride, a refund of 90% of the fee will be processed within 30 days unless the ride can be re-scheduled at a better date.
--Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.

Motorcycle Rental Minimum Requirements:
-21 years of age or older.
-Valid motorcycle license (must be presented at time of pick-up).
-3 years riding experience on the same size motorcycle (negotiable).
-$2,000 USD damage deposit on a major credit card.

History of Big Bear:
Big Bear Lake was inhabited by the indigenous Serrano Indians for over 2,000 years before it was explored by Benjamin Wilson and his party. Once populated by only the natives and the grizzly bears, from which the area received its name, the population of the Big Bear Valley grew rapidly during the Southern California Gold Rush from 1861 to 1912. Grizzly bears were not found in the region after 1908. Today, there are black bears in the region since their introduction in 1933, and they are sometimes sighted in residential areas.

A trip to Big Bear Lake from San Bernardino took two days on horse-drawn coaches. Kirk Phillips was a local who took a trip to New York City and saw the world’s first bus line. This inspired him to create the world’s second bus line from San Bernardino to Big Bear Valley using White trucks with several rows of seats. This made it possible for the villages to grow and for Big Bear Lake to become the first mountain recreation area in Southern California.


Per Adult: $ 280 USD

What To Bring

Motorcycle/rented motorcycle


Expert Motorcycle Guide |A great ride |Picturesque views

Meeting Location

Meeting point: Arranged after booking

Return Details: