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The Peppermint Club VIP Table (Dance Floor)

Los Angeles, United States.

Categorias: Vida Nocturna - Vida Nocturna

$ 3000 USD

Mejor Precio Garantizado


VIP Table on the dance floor for 6-10 Guests

Premium Bottle of your choice

Personal waiter or waitress serving your table all night


Locación: Los Angeles

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Monday - Saturday

Salida: 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Duración: 2-6 hours

Código de Tour: 14585


The Peppermint Club is a live music venue that is a partnership h.wood and Interscope Recods. This venue is an intimate live music venue, exclusive celebrity hotspot with fashionable crowd, with the DJ spinning a mix of music.

1 Ticket covers a table on the dance floor for 6-10 guests.


Por Adulto: $ 3000 USD

Que traer

Bring your friends and have a great time!


VIP Table on the dance floor|1 Premium Bottle|Personal Table Concierge Service

Lugar de Encuentro

Lugar de Encuentro: The Peppermint, West Hollywood

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