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The Famous New York Dream Queen Wacky & Weird Tour

New York, United States.

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$ 46 USD

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Amazingly funny and interesting tour guide takes you around New York's most unique places

Learn the insider story of some of NYC's most celebrated characters

Discover tails of kooks, misfits, starving artists, and filthy bankers that make up the great city of NYC

Laugh, learn, and have a bunch of fun touring around NYC's most unique sights


Locación: New York

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Sundays

Salida: 3:30 PM

Duración: 2.5 hours

Código de Tour: 13646


Join our amazing Dream Queen Tour Guide who will take you on a jaunt through New York City celebrating NYC's boldest personalities. This tour starts at a bar and finishes at a bar, and in between takes you from sight to sights, exploring all the people and attractions that make New York - New York!

This tour is led by an aspiring famous personality who has toured at comedy festivals, bars around the world, and has been featured in publications spanning the globe!

See New York as it was meant to be seen – a city full of kooks and misfits, starving artists and filthy rich bankers. A city of weird stories and fascinating individuals. And most of all a city of FUN! Cos if you can make it here… then damn everyone else!

So come join us on my Village Tour and celebrate NYC’s bold personalities who have led interesting lives, as told by a bold personality who has led far too an interesting life! Let’s have some FUN!

Important Tour Notes
-Tours every Sunday
-Meet 3:15 PM for a drink. T
-Tour starts 3:30 PM


Por Adulto: $ 46 USD

Que traer

Water, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat; Comfortable shoes (all optional)


Famously interesting Tour Guide, bold stories, fun times, a lot of laughs

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