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The Metropolitan Museum Powerful Women of History Secrets Tour

New York, United States.

Categorias: Museos y Cultura - Tours

$ 37 USD

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Expert Museum Guides lead you through the Metropolitan Musuem and share insider stories

Learn about the most powerful female figures in history including the Pharaoh of Egypt

Hear stories about femaile scientists, painters, and political figures

Discover the secrets of the past female revolutions that changed world history forever


Localização: New York


Opera: Saturdays

Saída: 1:00 PM

Duração: 2 hours

Número da excursão: 13644


Our Expert Museum and History Guides will take you to the famed Metropolitan Museum on a fascinating tour that highlights all the amazing women and feisty path-breakers, who made themselves heard!

On this fun and informative two-hour tour, you will meet the women who shattered the glass ceilings of their day—as artists who broke with convention, scientists who toppled stereotypes, and political figures who poisoned, slept and protested their way to power.

Our tour spans more than three thousand years, from ancient Egypt to modern America. Along the way, you will learn about the most powerful female Pharaoh of Egypt and her famous tomb, the mythical women who frightened ancient Greek men, the first official Roman Empress and the complete erasure of her memory, and the official mistresses of French kings and the power they wielded.

You will also learn and hear stories about a woman scientist of pre-Revolutionary France, the female painters whose focus on women’s lives, instead of their bodies, changed modern painting, a suffragette who was one of the Metropolitan’s main donors, and so much more!

Come join us to learn about the rich history of women who refused to put up and shut up,and instead, decided they would change the world forever!

Important Tour Notes:
-Student price (with valid id only)
-Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time


Por Student: $ 37 USD

Por Adult: $ 62 USD

Por Senior: $ 51 USD

O que trazer

Just be ready to have a blast!


Expert Tour Guides, insider stories, rich history, and overall fun times

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: Meeting at the 10 foot statue of a seated pharaoh in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum

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