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The Metropolitan Museum Super Sexy Secrets Tour

New York, United States.

Categories: Museums & Culture - Tours

$ 37 USD

Best Price Guaranteed


Expert Museum Guides share the sexy secrets behind the famous art at the Metropolitan Museum

Discover insider facts and secrets about some of the most famous art in the world

Hear stories and tails of the legendary artists that created some off the most notorious works of art ever known!

Journey through a New York landmark museum in a unique way like no other tour imaginable


Location: New York

Language: English

Operates: Sundays

Departs: 2:15 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Tour Code: 13643


Our Expert Museum Guides will take you through an amazing journey at the famed Metropolitan Museum in New York, where you will discover theart and the secrets behind artists who snuck sex past the censors - to the delight of their audiences!

Great art is full of hidden meanings—and more often than not, they’re all about sex. Broken eggs symbolizing lost virginity, a lute standing in for a man's desires, a lady’s slack shoulder strap suggesting adultery.

Of course, polite society rarely allowed sex to be presented explicitly. But throughout the centuries, artists have used sly suggestions and concealed codes to sneak around society’s rules, leaving future generations magnificent works whose double meanings are waiting to be discovered.

Along the way you will hear and discover the stories of the sex taboos of the ancient Greece, how the Renaissance brought desire back into plain sight, how the Bible has been a source for moral instruction and erotic imagery.

You will also see and learn about paintings that warned against vice by depicting vice, artists who risked their careers by depicting scandalous themes, and you’ll see things that you never imagined existed in art from crazed women worshiping the god Bacchus, to Parisian prostitutes on their work break.

The Metropolitan Museum is a treasure house of art works that tell us so much about sex, desire and what it means to be human. Come join us on this tour of the Metropolitan Museum that will delight your mind, make you smile, and make you think a bit differently about the art that is around us all!

Important Tou Notes:
-Student price (with valid id only)
-Saturday @1:00 PM; Sundays @ 2:30 PM (please arrive 15 minutes early, the tour will start at 2:15 PM on Sundays)


Per Student: $ 37 USD

Per Adult: $ 62 USD

Per Senior: $ 51 USD

What To Bring

Comfortable shoes, a smile (all optional)


Expert Museum Guides, insider stories & secrets, lots of laughs, many good times had by all

Meeting Location

Meeting point: Meeting at the 10 foot statue of a seated pharaoh in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum

Return Details: