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San Diego Beach Bon Fire Experience

San Diego, United States.

Categorias: Vida Nocturna - Vida Nocturna

$ 119 USD

Mejor Precio Garantizado


Bon Fire Experts get you setup with an amazing bon fire without the hassle

Just show up and the Bon Fire will be all setup for your group and ready to go

Relax around the fire, tell stories, and have a fun time on the beach

Snacks and chairs available upon request


Locación: San Diego

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Monday - Sunday

Salida: 7:00 PM

Duración: 1.5 hours

Código de Tour: 13689


Our Bon Fire Experts will get you all setup on a beautiful beach in San Diego to enjoy a rip roaring bon fire with friends!

Forget the hassle of going to the store, picking up fire wood, and starting your own bonfire on the beach in San Diego! Let us do the heavy lifting and we will make sure your fire gets lit, and you guys have everything you need to have an amazing, warm, fun time, on a beautiful beach in San Diego! Get ready to relax around a fire pit, tell stories with friends, and have a great time!

Important Note:
-Please arrive 15 minutes early
-Bon Fire beach location given after you book
-Ask us about how we can accommodate larger groups
-We can provide you with S'mores and chairs for an extra fee


Por Adulto: $ 119 USD

Que traer

Just you, and be ready for a bon firin' good time!


We provide you with your bonfire pit, 2 hours worth of fire wood, and any additional items if they are added to your order.

Lugar de Encuentro

Lugar de Encuentro: San Diego Mission Bay Park (2600 Bayside Lane)

Lugar de Retorno:

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