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San Diego Craft Beer Tour, Tastings & Experience (Deluxe Edition)

San Diego, United States.

Categorias: Comida y Vinos - Cervezas y Cócteles

$ 169 USD

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Expert beer guides will drive you from award winning brewery to award winning brewery

Discover some of the world's best craft beers located in sunny San Diego

Cruise around San Diego in a luxury vehicle with a professional driver and a cold brew in hand

Enjoy unique craft beers at each brewery we visit, and discover the secrets of these award-winning breweries


Locación: San Diego

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Monday - Sunday

Salida: 9:00 AM

Duración: 5 hours

Código de Tour: 13518


During this Deluxe 5 Hour Edition of our famous Craft Beer Tour, Tastings & Experience, our Expert Guides will accompany you on a journey through San Diego’s best craft beer spots as you enjoy a boozy afternoon of exceptional quality. Our Craft Beer Tour Experience begins with us picking you up in a luxury ride where you can sit, relax, and view the sites as we take you to our first regional brewery.

As we venture from brewery to brewery you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best craft beers in California, learn about their history, understand their brewing process, and hear from some of the craft beer makers themselves! You will also discover the history of the breweries, learn about their special fermentation processes, and have the opportunity to ask any questions to the brew masters!

We only visit award winning breweries that provide some of the freshest, most unique, craft beers in the world, so please be ready to be impressed! Along the way, our Expert Beer Guides will always be on hand to ensure that each brewery tour is the best it can be, and that you always have a drink in your hand!

Seeing as this is our 5 Hour Deluxe Tour and we visit many breweries, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some gourmet products from the on-sight food trucks. Please make sure to bring extra cash for this, as lunch is not included in this tour.

Come join us for a unique craft beer experience in San Diego full of breweries, beers, laughs, and good ol' times!


Por Adulto: $ 169 USD

Que traer

Comfortable clothing, water (optional)


Expert Guide, beer tours and tastings, luxury transportation, lots of fun, and of course some laughs along the way!

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