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San Diego's Little Italy Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

San Diego, United States.

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$ 85 USD

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Expert Guides lead you on a wine & walking tour of San Diego’s own Little Italy

Explore the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of this chic Downtown neighborhood.

Learn about unique wines from California, Italy, and other parts of the world.

Enjoy tastes of 9 wines and some Italian food, and other goodies

Get to know some of San Diego’s biggest winemakers & fanatics


Locación: San Diego

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Saturday

Salida: 4:00 PM

Duración: 3 hours

Código de Tour: 13726


Our Expert Guides will take you on a wine tasting and walking tour that is sure to delight! On this tour, you will visit 4 establishments. You will have the opportunity to meet either the wine makers or their in-house wine experts, who are eager to share with you small production wines, as well as Italian favorites.

You will earn about the different styles of wine, and taste your way though San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood. Not only will you be tasting wines, but we will also sample fine Italian foodie favorites such as bruschetta, local pizza, calamari, and a special sangria!

Little Italy is a historic area that was built from a love of community and strife. Italian immigrants came to California in the mid 19th century, and used their skill at fishing to make a living. The fishing industry in San Diego was dominated by Italians, and was known as the tuna fishing capitol of the world. You’ll learn about how the Italians worked together to fish, can, market, and distribute a food that is part of day to day life in America today.

This wine tasting & walking tour is a great way to get to know San Diego's Little Italy, one of the chicest neighborhoods in the Downtown San Diego area. With many unique boutiques, historic buildings, and luxury high-rises, this area is known today as a great area to stay and find some of the best food and drink establishments in all of San Diego.

Come join us on this fun wine tasting and walking tour in San Diego's Little Italy that is full of wine, stories, fun, and tasty surprises!


Por Adulto: $ 85 USD

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Comfortable attire


Expert Guides, wine tastings, Italian food sampling, fun times, stories, history of San Diego's Little Italy, and more!

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