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The La Jolla Jewel of San Diego Walking Tour

San Diego, United States.

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$ 99 USD

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Expert Guides lead you through an incredible walking tour of La Jolla

Explore the lesser known "locals only" spots of this wonderful seaside town

Discover Mount Soledad and discover astoundingly beautiful views

Walk along Prospect Street, see the cute boutique shops, gourmet eateries, and much more!


Localização: San Diego


Opera: Monday - Sunday

Saída: 8:00 AM - 5 :00 PM

Duração: 3 hours

Número da excursão: 13707


Our Expert Guides will lead you on a walking tour to explore, discover, and learn about La Jolla; a majestic area known by many as the Jewel of San Diego! Along the way, our guides will share their intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods within La Jolla, take you to the most pristine beautiful spots in this slice of paradise, and tell you all about La Jolla's history, people, and past!

Beginning at the water’s edge, we will enjoy - in all its glory - the rugged La Jolla coastline. Marveling at the mysterious caves, rocky coves, and fabulous bays created by thousands of years of wave erosion, you will learn about the regions story, history, interesting facts, and why La Jolla is an important part of California's history.

From the waves, we will make our way to the quaint Prospect Street, a shopper’s paradise. We will take a stroll down this boutique-lined street and will even sneak a peek at some of La Jolla's most famous & notorious residents, that are often seen dining at gourmet eateries.

Finally, we will head to the historic Mount Soledad, where you will be able to snap some great photos, take in all the serenity that fills this area, and relax in the moment. Mount Soleded is a place where you look out and see nothing but peacefulness, astonishing landscape, and sheer natural beauty.

Come join us on this unique walking tour in La Jolla, The Jewel of San Diego, and learn, discover, experience, laugh, and have a great time!


Por Adult: $ 99 USD

O que trazer

Comfortable clothing


Expert guide and overall fun times!

Local da reunião

Local da reunião: 300 G Street, San Diego, CA

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