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San Francisco Mission District Yummy-Licous Food Tour

San Francisco, United States.

Categorias: Comida e Vinho - Foodies

$ 139 USD

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Expert Foodie Guides lead you on the food adventure of a lifetime

Explore the Mission District, a neighborhood voted 'Hippest in the Nation" - by Vanity Fair

Eat, taste, and indulge in food prepared by some of the most inspired chefs in the U.S.

Meet a few owners & chefs, who will share their story, their inspiration, and their vision for a better foodie future


Localização: San Francisco


Opera: Friday, Saturday

Saída: 3:00 PM

Duração: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

Número da excursão: 13581


Our Expert Foodie Guides will take you on a yummy-licious food tour through San Francisco's famed Mission District. Our guides, your hosts, don't have scripts to read, as they all live in this neighborhood and know these streets intimately. Even more, they know the insider spots, secret locales, and where to find the-best-of-the-best! Our Food Tour takes you into this delicious and exciting world, where you will see, eat, and revel in the cities diverse tastes & flavors.

The Mission District is San Francisco's first neighborhood and is really the heart of this vibrant city. It's an area of the city that is quite often the last neighborhood to quiet down at night - if it quiets down at all! The Mission District is made for eating out, it's a neighborhood that springs to life around the area's eclectic restaurant and foodie scene.

Our Guides will take you inside this vibrant area which is home to dozens of restaurants, with restaurants that seat thousands along the Valencia Street Corridor from about 16th to 19th Streets. Besides the quality of the food, which is the result of fierce competition in the area, the diversity of the food is probably the biggest draw to this area's eateries.

Along the way, we will traverse the Mission District's side streets, tasting the best dishes that represent the establishment who made them. Trying new dishes to showcase on our food tours is always so hard but someone has to do it, so we soldier on...Depending on the day, we may have tapas, Yucatecan, empanadas, organic and locavore choices, local fruits and veggies, Salvadorean, Southern BBQ (American), Chilean, Mexican, Japanese, Napoli pizza, Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian, cheese tasting, home- made pies, hand-crafted bitters, small batch chocolate, hand-crafted ice cream, third-wave coffee. The menu is never the same twice but this neighborhood has it all. We will stop by at least five different eateries, (usually 7) on our walk, as we eat our way along Valencia and Mission from 15th through 19th Streets.

Important Note:
Groups of 6 or more can be scheduled anytime. Contact us to arrange!


Por Adult: $ 139 USD

O que trazer

Water, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat


Food (usually 7 stops)

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