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San Francisco's Chinatown, North Beach, Barbary Coast Combo Tour

San Francisco, United States.

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$ 15 USD

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Expert San Francisco guides lead you through Chinatown, North Beach, and the Barbary Coast

Discover Chinatown, it's hidden alleyways, and its many characters

Learn about the legends of the Barbary Coast, it's sailors, tunnels, and ruthless tycoons

Visit North Beach, see the places Jack Kerouac hung out, Beatnik hangouts, and more!


Locación: San Francisco

Lenguaje: Inglés

Opera: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Salida: 1:30 PM

Duración: 3 hours

Código de Tour: 13673


Our Expert San Francisco Tour Guides will take you on a one-of-a-kind tour through San Francisco's Chinatown, North Beach, and Barbary Coast!

Along our journey, we will venture back in time and tell stories and see sites from the Gold Rush up to present day San Francisco! We will learn about the history of the city from it's flat origins to its skyscrapers of today. You will discover how San Francisco became a giant metropolis, and home to the artsy, wealthy, and inspirational!

While walking through Chinatown we will head down hidden alleys to hear tales of revolutionary leaders, the Great Earthquake of 1906, see surprising architecture, and see a fortune cookie maker! We will taste samples from a Fortune Cookie factory, see local characters and performers of Chinatown, stop at a local cafe, check-out Portsmouth Square, walk through Chinatown’s “living room”, stroll along the photogenic Chinatown alleys (from the Pursuit of Happiness movie), see The plaza where the Gold Rush began, Painted balconies of Waverly Place, and even see the place that was the birth of ethnic enclaves in SF.

Next, we head into the 1850’s heart of old San Francisco, the lawless Barbary Coast, to hear of kidnapped sailors in underground tunnels, hilarious drag queens, and ruthless tycoons.

Lastly, we visit North Beach, hear the tails of Jack Kerouac, how The Beats starting a literary revolution, and see San Francisco's Little Italy in all it's past and current glory! We will also see the Transamerica Pyramid, SF’s iconic skyscraper, the City Lights bookstore, Beatnik hangouts, an underground tunnel for kidnapping sailors, Alleyways of the Financial District, Secret rooftop view of the waterfront, Inspiring women who shaped our city, and a preserved Gold Rush 1850’s neighborhood.

Come join us for a tour of San Francisco's most famous boroughs and discover stories and history of San Francisco you never knew existed, while having a blast cruising through our amazing city!

Important Tour Notes:
-1:30pm-4:30pm includes a cafe break
-Tour meets near the Transamerica Pyramid


Por Niño: $ 15 USD

Por Estudiante: $ 20 USD

Por Adulto: $ 25 USD

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Expert Tour Guides, local stories, fun times!

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Lugar de Encuentro: Near the Transamerica Pyramid

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