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San Francisco's Little Saigon & Tendernob Fabulous Food Tour

San Francisco, United States.

Categorias: Comida e Vinho - Foodies

$ 99 USD

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Expert foodie guides will take you to unique areas of San Francisco

Devour authentic Vietnamese and exotic food from every corner of the globe

Meet other locals and travelers that are in love with food

Learn about the history of Little Saigon, Nob Hill, and what now is The Tendernob


Localização: San Francisco


Opera: Wednesday, Sunday

Saída: 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM

Duração: 3 - 3.5 hours

Número da excursão: 13560


Our Expert Foodie Guides will lead you on a unique tour that begins in Little Siagon and ventures into the Tendernob. While in Little Siagon we will devour authentic Vietnamese food, and in the Tendernob we will try cuisine from every corner of the globe!

It is said by many local insiders that the areas we will be exploring could soon be the food capital of San Francisco! The area is going through a major renaissance, and we are here to show you where the find the best of the best!

A little background, Little Siagon is home to San Francisco's Vietnamese population and some of the best places to find delicious, tasty, and exotic Southeast Asian food. The Tendernob is the area between Nob Hill proper and Little Saigon, but until fairly recently, it was just considered the Tenderloin. Because of it's location, this is a neighborhood of great contrasts. Immigrants from far-flung parts of the globe, the moneyed class from up on Nob Hill, and a fairly recent influx of art students from the San Francisco Art Institute, have produced a variety of eateries that suit any palette!

Come join us on a food tour that will spark your taste buds, your imagination, and will be a fun day out in these unique areas of San Francisco!


Por Adult: $ 99 USD

O que trazer

Water, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (optional)


Expert food guides, food at various eateries on our journey, inside foodie stories, and fun times!

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