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San Francisco's Secret Buried Ships & Wild Parrots Tour

San Francisco, United States.

Categorias: Kid Friendly - Tours - Ponto de Interesse Turístico

$ 40 USD

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Expert guides lead you on a unique San Francisco tour

Discover hidden boats & parrots in San Francisco

Perfect for animal lovers, bird watchers, those who wish to see something completely different!

Learn about the unknown secrets and stories of San Francisco that have been buried in the past until now


Localização: San Francisco


Opera: Saturday, Sunday

Saída: 4:00 PM

Duração: 2 - 2.5 hours

Número da excursão: 13556


Our Expert Guides will lead you on a fascinating tour of San Francisco's wild parrots, buried ships, and unknown local secrets!

Wild Parrots in San Francisco, Oh Me Oh My! Yes there are officially at least two different flocks of wild parrots that reside here in San Francisco. These naturalized birds have evolved into a brand new species of parrot, indigenous to the city!

As we search for our famous feathered friends, your guide will point out interesting sights along the way,
including buried ships! There are perhaps hundreds of these buried ships underneath San Francisco's streets, and you will hear their stories, and uncover some of their secrets.

Along the way, we will also tell you about San Francisco's history, stories about the city's waterline, a famous redwood tree grove, and the stomping grounds of San Francisco's most famous street dogs, Bummer and Lazarus!

Join us for this fun tour of San Francisco's unknown peculiarities, secrets, and stories!


Por Adult: $ 40 USD

O que trazer

Water, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (all optional)


Expert tour guides, stories, San Francisco secrets, bird watching, and great times!

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